I am not a fan of housework.  I am, however, a master at procrastination.  I think the articles and discussions (and even the online photos) about this annual rite of passage are overwhelming.  Running a household that includes 9 dogs (from 4 lb chihuahua to 100 lb. German Shepherd) plus a Siamese and a new calico kitty, makes this not just daunting but a lifetime project!!

Despite all the cute pithy statements about people coming to see you and not your house etc. people still judge us by the dust we are hoarding and the secrets lying under our rugs.  I “get” mould, toxins, spills and smells from food that is past the best before date.  What I don’t get is that people wouldn’t prefer to create, enjoy, read, or play before worrying about the dust on unseen corners of the family room.

Somehow I think spending time with friends and families has little to do with obsessive cleaning and should be about caring – just my take on it.