Living in a small town is an ongoing series of revelations.  Last night was one of them.  The local Legion is a watering hole and a great place for darts, cards and entertainment – defo not Wayne Gretsky’s little spot in Toronto.  In many ways it is a much finer place to keep up with friends and neighbours in a welcoming environment.  One fellow reminded us that we have lost far too many of our friends and family, both young and old, this year.  It seems that no one has been left untouched and there is much grieving to do as well as much celebration in order as we remember their lives.  As I think of those we lost I look around at those still with us – for how long we never know.  Over the last few days I have consciously been remembering to applaud the efforts and results of people in town and on the farms.  I comment favourably on handsome or pretty new outfits or accessories.  I try to remember to tell each one how much they mean to me and why.  As well, as much as in my power, I mend fences and make new friends.  As much as we like to deny it or set the thought aside, our lives are finite.  More than ever we all need to be kind to each other and embrace each new day, albeit through grief, pain and stress.  I hope your day is a memorable one.